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Mechanical Floor Prep

Mechanical floor prep is most commonly favored over chemical for a couple of reasons.  Mechanical floor prep leaves a better surface profile which will increase adhesion between the existing slab and new material. Mechanical prep removes coatings, glues, thin set, etc. without introducing strippers or emulsifiers that may interfere with the bond between the slab and the new material.  Mechanical prep can be done dry which is better when applying coatings that are sensitive to moisture, such as epoxy.

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Surface Prep

Steel shot blasting:

Steel shot blasting is the preferred method of mechanical preparation that cleans and profiles simultaneously.  Shot blasting strips thin coatings, removes contamination and laitance (soft concrete) to reveal a mechanical profile for optimum bonding.  This method is achieved by blasting a concrete surface with steel shot (small steel balls) at a high velocity.  Shot blasting delivers high production rates, is dust free, dry, and cost effective.  MSP’s Blastrac equipment is the global leader in portable surface preparation equipment. 


MSP utilizes diamond and stone grinding floor equipment for floor prep around edges, for repairs, and prep used prior to installing a stain or polish flooring systems.  Hand grinding is also used to slope substrate to drains, make cuts, and repairs.

Services offered:

Steel shot blasting



Light blasting

Line Removal

Paint removal

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