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Floor Tear Out

Removal Tear Out

Our 7700 National floor scraper can remove the most difficult material and is built to operate on almost any joist.  At only 29.5” wide it can fit through a standard doorway.  It is battery operated so there are zero emissions.  With variety of tooling that accompanies our machine we are able to remove epoxy, glue, mastic, carpet, vinyl, tile, rubber flooring, and hard wood flooring you would find in gymnasiums for example

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The first step in any new floor installation is the removal and disposal of your old tile, wood, or carpet flooring. Usually a time-consuming process depending on the job, removal and disposal can be a hassle for any homeowner. As an all-in-one solution, Ryno Custom Flooring Inc can provide full-service removal and disposal of your flooring – we provide the tools and manpower to handle any sized job. We’ll bag up your old materials and haul them away to be recycled or disposed of as necessary giving you peace of mind during the job process

Save your time by hiring Midwest Surface Prep. We do the work for you. Save your money but hiring us. We will give you the best deal possible.

You won’t need tools. We have the tools we need to do your job successfully to your satisfaction.

Our experts will help you along the way. We have years of experience and knowledge. We have courteous, knowledgeable and respectable people working for you.

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